The Leadership Challenge: Insecurity – 3 Tips!

The Point: What do you get when you cross a bully, a know-it-all, an underperformer, a spotlight-grabber, a perpetual reward-seeker, a comparer, an imitator, and tenure? The answer: an Insecure Leader! It got us wondering here at Tip of the Spear HQ just why/how could the trait of insecurity actually take root and grow within a leader in the … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Active Listening – 3 Tips!

The Point: You might be listening, but do you really hear what your stakeholders are saying? At Tip of the Spear we frequently pose this question to the leaders we work with in our Business Advisory Services. The answers we receive are unfortunately shocking (and not in a good way!) Besides, what’s at stake if you don’t listen effectively as a … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Competitiveness

The Point: If nothing truly happens in business until you sell something and the Darwinian principle of “only the strong survive” is alive and well in business today, we scratched our heads here at Tip of the Spear pondering exactly what role individual competitiveness plays across industry. After all, is your ability to compete a signal of success … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Ownership Mentality

The Point: At Tip of the Spear Ventures, we believe in leading from the front… Not the middle, and certainly not from the rear. This leading from the front-mentality is one that we encourage our Business Advisory Service clients (M&A | Sales/BizDev | Turnaround) to take as well. However, working with leaders that have a leading form the front … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Turnover – 4 Tips!

The Point: As leaders, we know that turnover is “bad” for business. We’ve all seen the stories and statistics regarding how employee turnover costs a business roughly two-times (2x) the staffer’s compensation according to industry expert estimates. But we started thinking here at Tip of the Spear, is there a time when the costs associated with … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Executive Vocabulary – 3 Tips

The Point: At Tip of the Spear, we’re “lucky” to get exposure to a lot of leaders. Each of these leaders has their own unique way of speaking, and let’s face it, some speak better than others! With a wide-range of personalities, backgrounds, and goals, each executive seems to bring their own sometimes-unique vocabulary to the table. It is this … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Receiving Recommendations – 5 Tips!

The Point: Receiving recommendations can be tough for a leader. For example, the Ides of March are best known for their recognition of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC. Said to have been warned by a seer earlier in the month that “Harm will befall you by the middle of the month,” Caesar did not heed the seer’s warning. Instead, Caesar … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Flexibility – 5 Tips!

The Point: If you’ve ever taken in a Cirque du Soleil show you know that the pure athleticism of a cast member is simply mind-boggling. It bears repeating… Mind –boggling! Mix several of these cast members into the choreography of the show itself and it can be sensory overload (almost inducing a nauseous state!) In this post we’ll examine the … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: BOLD versus SAFE – 4 Tips!

The Point: Every year-end it’s the same old same old… A bevy of the year’s “Top” lists (Top 10 Goals of Successful Leaders), a slew of New Year’s Resolutions (ones that you’ll never keep, or keep for the first 4-weeks of the new year), and a bunch of “Year in Review” stories about what went right/wrong in the year that just was. Well that all ends … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Cyber Security

The Point: What used to be a problem only for organizational information officers (primarily Chief Information Officers or CIO’s), now the leadership challenge of cyber security spans the horizon for organizations. In doing so, cyber security is every leader’s responsibility regardless of function performed. In this post, we’ll examine the threats … [Read more...]