Communicate with Influence


A program to help you better communicate your message for actionable results!

Your effectiveness as a leader is equivalent to your ability to communicate. Great communicator… Great leader.  Poor communicator… Poor leader! Considering the multitudes of mediums leaders can communicate across, the pressure is on to achieve greatness! The solution: The Communicate with Influence program.

Communicate with Influence is a communication skills training for leaders series offering high impact experience featuring Tip of the Spear’s methodology to advance three sides of your message – behavioral delivery, content coordination, and presentation material mastery… All built on top of our leading research on the science of influence/persuasion. Through a series of discussions, exercises and simulations, matched with video analysis and private 1:1 coaching, you’ll learn how to speak, write, listen and influence so that you can lead your organization (and yourself) more effectively and master keys skills to enhance your communication style.

Hitting the Target for You and Your Organization!

You’ll learn skills you can apply right away, including:

  • Making effective presentations
  • Communicating during a crisis and in stressful situations
  • Creating a personal brand strategy and a unique executive presence
  • Improving your listening skills to hear and solve problems the first time
  • Writing persuasively
  • Leading meetings to motivate
  • Communicating a strategic vision that people listen to, understand, and are ready to act on

Flexible Delivery Options for Today’s Time-crunched Leader! 

Communicate with Influence can be delivered in three convenient ways:

  1. Workshop – Participate in one of our Public Sessions (Programs are limited to 16 participants for greater takeaway)
  2. Webinar – Our expert Program Leaders can deliver the Communicate with Influence program virtually to you
  3. Online 24×7 – Through our eLearning Library, you can participate with convenience/flexibility

Begin by filling in the form to the right with your email address, call us at 855.97SPEAR | 855.977.732Seven, or send us an email to sales[at] to get started.

Communicate with Influence – A Communication Skills Training for Leaders Series from The Javelin Leadership Development Institute