Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Tip of the Spear Ventures is committed to helping exceptional entrepreneurs build lasting, category-defining companies through our venture capital activities. Utilizing a focused, “prepared mind” approach to investing, we partner with businesses that show potential for significant long-term success in specific sectors. Emphasizing synergy in our portfolio enables us to offer the advantages of a cohesive, cooperative Tip of the Spear community, including access to an extensive network of past and present entrepreneurs.

We know there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to building a lasting company when it comes to venture capital investing. As trusted peer, partner and confidant, we encourage our entrepreneurs to decide what their unique business requires to succeed. We help realize their vision with personalized, thoughtful and expeditious support.

Who You Are

If you are backed by Tip of the Spear Venture Capital, it means you have what it takes to build a world-class, category-defining business. Each of the entrepreneurs we strategically partner with is unique, yet all demonstrate the necessary character, courage and scrappiness to make pioneering strides into a new technology or market. When it comes to education, experience or credentials, there is no prototypical Tip of the Spear entrepreneur. Our founders are elite in their area of expertise regardless of whether they are college-dropouts or serial startup veterans. They understand what is best for their business like no one else can, but also have the self-awareness to leverage outside resources for additional support. For the best companies, venture money is easily attainable. In addition to capital, Tip of the Spear entrepreneurs enjoy the advantages of working with a dedicated and instrumental ally who respects their autonomy. They know how and when to access our extensive expertise, experience and connections to take them from game player to game changer… NOT squelch their dreams or passion.

Who We Are

Tip of the Spear Venture Capital commands more than three decades of experience building and supporting startups and growth-stage technology companies. We are a diverse, yet intimate group of individuals who believe in treating each other—and our entrepreneurs—as peers in an open, honest, welcoming environment. We take inspiration from 19th century French chemist Louis Pasteur, who said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” We credit our thesis-driven, “prepared mind” approach for our success in investing. Real-time engagement with thoughtful entrepreneurialism is essential not only to foster our ability to understand and support them, but also to keeping our expertise current and authentic. We avoid chasing the latest “hot” sector in favor of identifying the next category-defining and enduring technologies. Confidence in our prepared mind practice gives us the conviction to make investment decisions quickly, as well as the patience and persistence to support our entrepreneurs during the long, sometimes winding, road to success.

How We Partner With You

Working with Tip of the Spear Venture Capital means entering into a partnership of equals. We celebrate individuality, creativity, and diverse opinions, and we respect each entrepreneur’s vision and leadership for his or her own company. We do not seek to operate, manufacture or flip companies – we strive to help you realize your own vision, as your trusted partner. Tip of the Spear offers support tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of your company. As a Tip of the Spear entrepreneur, you gain access to our extensive network of industry experts and seasoned veterans. This includes well-vetted, high-quality connections to professionals from across a myriad of company building services. Membership in the Tip of the Spear community also includes insights from entrepreneurs and management teams in our past and current investments that, due to shared sector focus, provide a powerful source of synergy and learning. We put our own experience, knowledge of best practices, and sector expertise at your disposal.