Sales/Biz Development Business Advisory Services

As the saying goes, “Nothing happens in business until you sell something!” The best strategies, the best innovations, the best intentions rarely go from ideation to creation through launch pad and ultimately lift off if you don’t sell your product/service.

At Tip of the Spear Ventures’ Business Advisory service Sales / Business Development, we not only look for initial lift-off success, but long-term second-stage firing! It’s been said that there are only three ways to increase sales of your products/services:

  • New customer acquisition purchase
  • Assist customers in purchasing a higher-priced product/service and/or upsell or cross sell
  • Repeat customer re-purchase

The Tip of the Spear Business Advisory Service of Sales / Business Development analyzes our client’s business across the following 25 focus areas:

25 Sales / Business Development Focus Areas

  1. Organization’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for Products/Services
  2. Marketing + Sales Strategy
  3. Sales Methodology + Sales Training
  4. Sales Department Structure
  5. Marketing Lead Generation System
  6. Channel Partners + Joint Ventures + Alliances
  7. Referral System
  8. Internet Marketing (Pay per Click – PPC, Inbound Marketing, Etc.)
  9. Public Relations + Press Releases
  10. Mail (Email + Direct Mail)
  11. Advertising
  12. Discounting Strategy
  13. Building + Maintaining the Sales Team
  14. Scripts + Wordtracks (Cold Calling, Sales Calls, Etc.)
  15. Business Development + Sales Metrics/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)/Dashboards
  16. Keeping in Touch Systems
  17. Pipeline Build Systems
  18. Strategic Down Selling
  19. Front End Marketing + Back End Marketing
  20. Finding Lost Customers
  21. Sales Cycle Strategy (Time/Products + Services/Price Points)
  22. Products/Services Pricing Strategies
  23. Upselling and Cross-Selling System
  24. Managing Customer Relationships
  25. Expense Controls

Remember: Nothing happens in business until someone sells something! Great ideas never make it to market, problems go unsolved, and lives aren’t changed (for the better!) Whether you’re a startup, small (<$2Million annual Sales Revenue) or large organization, geographically North/South/East/West of Las Vegas (We have Virtual Meeting Rooms too!), and/or starting to experience growth, succession, or downturn… Know that we’ve worked with similar organizations in a “boots on the ground” capacity to drive sales.

To find out more about Tip of the Spear Ventures’ Sales/Business Development Business Advisory Services, please contact us by phone @ 855.97SPEAR (855 977 7327) or email us