M&A Business Advisory Services

Where are you at in your Mergers & Acquisition quest? Are you conducting commercial and vendor due diligence? Have you identified whether an acquisition makes economic sense (upsides/downsides)? Is there a competitive advantage created (immediately/over time)? Is there a value-add from the acquisition for you, regardless of if you’re the acquirer or the acquired?

What we do at Tip of the Spear Ventures’ M&A Business Advisory Services goes far beyond these initial assessments. Complications can arise in M&A activity related to assets of the company being acquired. Typically, these assets may be in either difficult business situations or intertwined/interrelated with the acquired company. Other times, the compelling business case for asset acquisition need to be identified (attractive/unattractive).

Investment banks reach their knowledge limits when asked to assist acquiring companies in building business plans, which is one of the core competencies of a private equity | venture capital firm like Tip of the Spear Ventures’ Business Advisory Services. We see our role as the “boots on the ground” 24/7 strategic partner helping you not only create a business plan but assisting in executing it during what can amount to difficult economic/market environments.

Tip of the Spear Ventures’ M&A Business Advisory Services has the agility to be “boots on the ground” with leadership at their location 24/7 (And when we’re not physically geographically present, we’re a call/virtual meeting room away!) As a result, Tip of the Spear Ventures creates a strategically superior alignment with our client organizations (One that few other accounting/consulting firms can match in subject matter expertise). Our business is helping clients achieve results and succeed, both in the business short and long term, and we’re there with you every step of the way.

To find out more about Tip of the Spear Ventures’ M&A Business Advisory Services, please contact us by phone @ 855.97SPEAR (855 977 7327) or email us @ info@tipofthespearventures.com

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