Communicate with Influence Series


After conducting thousands of individual one-to-one (1:1) executive coaching sessions with leaders around the world, we realized something important… If your ability to communicate is compromised as a leader, you’re going to have a difficult time leading. In other words, you’ll never realize your true potential as a leader if you can’t communicate. Think of it, there is so much at stake… Your company, the people that depend on you, and don’t forget yourself (This is you as a leader that we’re talking about!)

Helping You “HIT” the Target

What if there was a way in which you could prepare for every communication event, regardless of medium (be it electronic, face-to-face, in the board room, at a seminar/public speech, etc.)?  What if your true/genuine communication style was realized?  Could those in your audience not only listen to your message, but be prepared to take action? Would more of them follow you in shorter time periods if you could? Would you be more successful?

You Do See the Target, Right?

In working with leaders, we’ve all heard the traditional studies that say the majority of communication is received through body language, second to that is vocal inflection, and lastly by the content delivered.  So if we all know this… Why are there disconnects between what we know, and what/how we deliver?

The Solution Communication Series!

We set out on a mission… something we consider to be “Mission Critical” to your success as a leader.  The Mission: Equip Leaders with the BEST Communication Skills for RESULTS!  As a result of this mission, we spent countless hours researching not only the What’s of communication (what makes for the best communication), but the How’s of communication as well (how can you deliver your message so that it hits your intended target each and every time).  The result is something we call the “Communicate with Influence Series.”  The series consists of:

Practice Makes Perfect

So why are these communication skills training sessions different from the others.  Here’s how:

  • Quality Content: Again, we researched the best of the best to develop our course content.
  • Small Size, Big Results: Each of our sessions is capped at a maximum of 12 participants.  We’ve learned that smaller session sizes lead to bigger results for our leader participants.
  • Getting to Carnegie Hall: In our sessions we’ve developed “real world” business scenarios for you to practice, practice, and practice with. Perfect practice makes perfect.
  • Leveraging Technology: We leverage technology within the session by videotaping each practice session.
  • Film Studies with a Coach: After filming each practice session, we review the film with you in a private, one-to-one (1:1) coaching session.  We’ll break-down the film and review it against our benchmark assessment so that you can not only see what you’ve done, but how you should communicate next time.
  • Post Session Coaching Implementation: After you’ve successfully completed the session, we’re not done with you (and you’re not done with us!) Our studies show that 95% of our participants implement our program content in their day-to-day business lives.  How? We strategically partner with you by providing coaching access for the next month after our session!


See each individual page for an overview of each training program, and register today.  If you have questions, or need assistance with registering, please contact us.

The Communicate with Influence Series brought to you by The Javelin Institute.