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Whether you’re looking to build your own communication skills, those of your team or even your entire organization, look to the Javelin Leadership Development Institute. Choose what works best for you topically as well as delivery method… from short, focused Communication programs for individuals or tailor-made Communication programs for organizations delivered at one of our public workshops, in the privacy of your own office online, or in-person onsite at your place of business. Gain knowledge and expertise from our world-class business leaders. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience that the Javelin Institute offers, and enjoy immediate ROI with new skills you can put to work right away!

For Individuals- Open Enrollment Public Workshop Programs or Online Workshop Series

Proven, practical programs designed to refresh, engage and strengthen leadership expertise with one focus: Communication Skills.  These public workshop programs are open to the public, flexible to fit your needs and designed to fit into your busy schedule. You earn an immediate return and get the Javelin Institute experience!

For Organizations – Custom Onsite Programs

Custom designed onsite professional development programs for leaders that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We construct a program that is designed to accommodate the needs and strategic goals of the organization.

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The Javelin Leadership Development Institute