The Leadership Challenge: Holacracy (like Zappos) – 5 Tips!

The Point: What would your organization be like if your employees lead themselves? Would it be better, or would it be worse? Tony Hsieh of Zappos after hearing Brian Robertson (a software company CEO and therefore people expert) bet that his organization would be better… Considerably better! In the short term, Holacracy at Zappos appears to be a … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Culture

The Point: You know how when you think about a business and you get that “vibe” that resonates with your sole (and it’s a good vibe)? That’s a company's culture, and it's what we want when people think of Tip of the Spear! So in this post we’ll take a look at company cultures and how they can make (or break) customer experiences (both internal … [Read more...]