Turnaround Management: Assessing Leadership – 3 Tips!

The Point: The need for great leadership in turnaround management cannot be overemphasized. Leadership is actually what will determine the level of effectiveness of any action taken by the company. Leadership dictates talent management, which plays a significant role in the wellness of a company. You may intend to turnaround your company, or … [Read more...]


The Point: - The compilation and coordination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are taken very seriously by numerous companies for good reason. They often determine the business strategy the company will accept, and the strategies that should be rejected. Their compilation acts as a tool that differentiates the company from other competitors. So … [Read more...]

The Tough Work of Turnaround Management – 4 Tips!

The Point: If you’re like me, you love CNBC’s “The Profit” staring Marcus Lemonis! Week after week Marcus seems to not only identify, but successfully partner with organizations looking to turn their business around. But does reality really work out this way off of television? The Profit makes turnaround management look so damn simple/profitable! … [Read more...]

What Role Does Technology Play in Turnaround Management?

The Point: When a company is on the brink of financial havoc (or already facing financial havoc!), we tend to look for ways to turnaround the operation. Technology has been looked to as an answer to the financial havoc problem. The role technology plays in turnaround management has been a great one to explore (Keep in mind, there are other areas of … [Read more...]