Tip of the Spear Ventures Announces Launch of SalesSherpaGPS

Private Equity | Venture Capital firm fulfills clients needs Sales/Business Development with the launch of SalesSherpaGPS, a digital artificial intelligence Marketing Sales B2B Lead Generator.   Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 1, 2017 – Tip of the Spear Ventures, a Private Equity | Venture Capital firm, announces the launch of their latest … [Read more...]

Sales Leadership: What Separates the Strong from the Weak? – 7 Tips!

The Point: When it comes to Sales Leadership, we started asking ourselves here at Tip of the Spear Ventures “What separate good sales leaders from bad ones?” Consider the business failure and success that relies on sales (after all, does anything else matter?) If most leaders could rely on their gut/first impressions, perhaps your sales problems … [Read more...]

Communicate with Influence

A program to help you better communicate your message for actionable results! Your effectiveness as a leader is equivalent to your ability to communicate. Great communicator… Great leader.  Poor communicator… Poor leader! Considering the multitudes of mediums leaders can communicate across, the pressure is on to achieve greatness! The solution: … [Read more...]