The Leadership Challenge: Pollyannaish

The Point: You want to have a positive outlook… I want to have a positive outlook… I think we ALL want to have a positive outlook! But is that positive outlook actually doing more harm than good for you? In this post, we’ll take a look at The Leadership Challenge Pollyannaish to determine if it’s actually working for the good, or if it’s acting as … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Leadership Secret Sauce – 3 Tips!

The Point: If you’ve read the 455,000,000 results from a Google search on Leadership, then you are undoubtedly super informed regarding what it takes to be a leader. But what if you haven’t read them all, half, or even 12 in the last year regarding what you could do to take your leadership to the next level? We all want to get ahead, and the … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Expertise – 5 Tips!

The Point: What are you good at? If you’re like most of the leaders I work with, you’re probably “good” at a lot of things… For example Sales/Marketing Leadership, Customer Experience, Project Management, and Process Improvement might be several areas that might make your leadership performance highlight reel. But what are you great at? In this … [Read more...]

Is He Keeping You Up at Night?

At Tip of the Spear, we see all types of Leaders from the Fortune 500, INC500, Deloitte Tech Fast 500, and beyond enter into our leadership development executive coaching programs. Sometimes they come because they are looking to increase their percentagel of potential achieved... Other times they come because he is keeping them up at night (a … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Criticism – 5 Tips!

The Point: Call it “constructive” or call it “transparent” criticism, but have you ever had a conversation with a stakeholder at work regarding how things could have gone better? If so, you’ve probably dipped a toe or two into the constructive criticism pond. So as a leader, how can you navigate such moments maintaining a results focus and positive … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Going Trump – 3 Tips!

The Point: He’s been called brash, egotistical, politically incorrect, and a host of other things on his ascent towards the lands highest office (The President of the United States). Donald Trump has rubbed some people the wrong way, and caused others to stand-up and cheer for his anything but politically correct pursuit. Think what you will of … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Culture

The Point: You know how when you think about a business and you get that “vibe” that resonates with your sole (and it’s a good vibe)? That’s a company's culture, and it's what we want when people think of Tip of the Spear! So in this post we’ll take a look at company cultures and how they can make (or break) customer experiences (both internal … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Frustration – 5 Tips

The Point: One of my clients said it best during the week – “Business is a series of roadblocks that erect themselves between you and success. The quicker you get above/under/around those roadblocks the sooner you’ll achieve success!” These roadblocks can be major, or minor, moments of frustration. So how exactly do you get to the other side as … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Head Trash – 7 Tips to Crush Your Inner Critic

The Point: If all of the world is a stage, then there are endless opportunities for critics to critique your every leadership move. But what if the critic is inside your head? What if the world’s biggest critic of you is… You? In this post, we’ll take a look at the concept of Head Trash and provide 7 Tips to crush your inner critic… … [Read more...]

Are You a Leader Like Mars, Roman God of War? 5 Tips!

The Point: What if you thought “bigger” than you typically do? I mean, when you tend to aim are you aiming high or too low? If you’re like most of the leaders I work with, you are aiming too low (That might be one of the reasons we’re talking, right?) In this post, we’ll take a look at aiming super high as a leader… So high that you would be … [Read more...]