Turnaround Management: Assessing Leadership – 3 Tips!

The Point: The need for great leadership in turnaround management cannot be overemphasized. Leadership is actually what will determine the level of effectiveness of any action taken by the company. Leadership dictates talent management, which plays a significant role in the wellness of a company. You may intend to turnaround your company, or … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Will Your M&A be a Success or Failure? 3 Tips!

The Point: Recent research by Harvard Business Review reported that the rate of failure in most mergers and acquisitions is around 70% to 90%. So what made this possible? This is simple anyway – a company that focus mostly on what to get from an acquisition is less likely to succeed than a company that focus majorly on what it has to give it (Think … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: It’s All About Your People! Employee Engagement Tips

The Point: At Tip of the Spear, we know a Leadership Challenge when we see it… You've got the leadership challenge on hand if you have the wrong people in the wrong positions. In other words, your business is in trouble. Worse yet, having the wrong people in the right positions can also be detrimental to your business! So with such a focus on … [Read more...]