What Role Does Technology Play in Turnaround Management?

The Point: When a company is on the brink of financial havoc (or already facing financial havoc!), we tend to look for ways to turnaround the operation. Technology has been looked to as an answer to the financial havoc problem. The role technology plays in turnaround management has been a great one to explore (Keep in mind, there are other areas of … [Read more...]

Leadership Challenge – Is It Possible to Emerge From the Darkest Hell Healed and Restored?

We recently participated in a leadership roundtable discussion.  The focus was on the many leadership challenge moments that leaders face running their organizations.  Whether the leader is in charge of a startup, with its many ups/downs associated with daily (sometimes hourly) survival or the leadership challenge of running an existing … [Read more...]

Why Leaders Should Communicate with Influence?

We run into a lot of leaders that are looking to hone their leadership skills, and nothing does more to propel their leadership capabilities as much as solid leadership communication skills.  In this post, we'll take a look at why a leader should look to communicate with influence. So communication, what's the deal as a leader?  Well, as one of … [Read more...]