The Leadership Challenge: Recruiting Top Talent – 4 Tips!

The Point: At Tip of the Spear we know that the best strategic plans and the best processes often come-up far short of potential. Why? Regardless of the strategic plan or the processes in place in the corporate workplace today, if you don’t have the talent to execute both with precision, you’ll fail – And it all begins/ends with how you go about recruiting top talent! So in this post, we’ll explore the leadership challenge of recruiting top talent and provide 4 tips for success… Enjoy!

The Leadership Challenge Recruiting Top Talent 4 Tips

People, Processes and Pay plans… Oh My!

Have you ever heard of the “top” talent? The most important part of every business is leadership, followed closely by the talent they employ. While it might take more than 50 days to hire and activate talent who could fill up organizational positions, your staffing can also be an exciting journey. Building a company might mean finding a way to attract top talent sourced from a global candidate pool. Typically, the “top” talent already has employment. So how will you effectively not only identify but convince them to stop working where they’re at and start working for you where you’re at? Consider the following tips in winning the recruiting game for top talent:

Tip #4 – Win the Recruiting Top Talent Game

Once you consider the orthodox method of hiring, you are likely to shoot yourself in the foot. Change it up with your job description. For example, consider a creative way of hiring. If you want to net high-end or top talent, then your job posting needs to stand out from the crowd. While thinking of an ingenious way of hiring, you should consider adding a competitive salary. In that way, you are matching the value of the applicant with your offer for the job.

Tip #3 – Putting Extraneous Information Away for Top Talent Generation

More than that, put all extraneous information about your company away. Do not include anything that is not relevant about the opening and your company in your vacancy posting. Precision and creating perfects bullets for requirements and benefits of the job are a way of attracting top talent.

Tip #2 – SEO Strategies for Top Talent Recruiting

What SEO plans have you deployed for such openings before? Your Internal SEO experts on your digital marketing team could assist in identifying and incorporating search words, or tags that to drive the talent you are looking for towards you. In LinkedIn’s recent updates, there is a search functionality for both employers and job seekers and Google’s new AI-powered jobs search engine, effective SEO incorporation in job postings is important to get your job posting in front of the high-end or top talent with the skills and experiences your organization demands.

Tip #1 – Forgetting How Long It Takes to Hire

Hiring the perfect top talent can be long time-wise, but rewarding financially. Top talent are always defining the pace of business. Finding a perfect candidate for your business or company might be time-consuming. It might take several weeks/months before you find the perfect superstar. However, no matter how long it takes, most times, the time is worth it.


In this post we’ve explored the topic “The Leadership Challenge: Recruiting Top Talent – 4 Tips!” It’s important to note that while strategic plans and processes are important to business success, there is little that leadership can do to achieve such success without the right talent on staff (And at the core of that people equation is Leadership!)

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