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Blood, Sweat, & Spears Boot Camps!

Each month we take one of our clients C-Suite Leadership teams through a boot camp, aptly titled “Blood, Sweat & Spears!” at Tip of the Spear headquarters in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. These aren’t Gladiator Games or Ninja Warrior jungle-gym exercises. Instead, you and your team will spend 3 days/2 nights developing your strategic plans, recharging energy levels and leave ready to take on new business challenges.

Here are a few of the topics/titles we’ve recently conducted :

  • Entrepreneur / Startup Boot Camp
  • Turnaround Boot Camp
  • Innovation Boot Camp
  • Strategy Boot Camp
  • Sales / Business Development Boot Camp (See also SalesSherpaGPS)
  • Change Boot Camp
  • Execution / Implementation Boot Camp

Tip of the Spear Ventures HQ

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