The Leadership Challenge: The Yoda Process to Meeting Success – 4 Tips!

The Point: Have you ever been in one of those meetings where the leader ram-rod home point after point, only to have everyone participating withdraw further and further from the team’s mission? How about if your meetings just don’t have a high level of candor/commitment present? If so, then this special May 4th Star Wars themed leadership challenge … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Cutting Ties with Poor Performers

The Point: Performance reviews by the numbers often don’t take into account the emotional aspects of working with people. While the numbers should speak for themselves, is it important to take into consideration the “other” factors when determining future personnel roads forward. In this post we’ll examine the leadership challenge of cutting ties … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Acceptance – 3 Tips!

The Point: No matter how much you’ve tried for a successful outcome (Diagnosed the problem from multiple perspectives, researched potential solutions, spent thousands of dollars, etc.), sometimes you simply have to accept that failure is an option. In this post, we’ll explore the leadership challenge of acceptance and provide 3 tips to help you … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Deconstruction – 5 Tips!

The Point: If you are attempting to build leadership in your organization, you know just how difficult that can be. Who to select, what to instruct, and how to verify lessons learned/implemented are amongst the leading-edge decision points to be made for a successful leadership development program. But rather than work from the bottom of the org … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Poor Decisions – 5 Tips!

The Point: If you’re a leader undoubtedly you’ve come to the decision tree in the process map of leadership several times… Decide correctly and fame/fortune await you, but decide incorrectly and failure awaits. In this post, we’ll examine the leadership challenge of poor decisions and provide 5 tips to help decide correctly… Enjoy!   Ready, … [Read more...]

The Leadership Challenge: Hands-On Leadership – 4 Tips!

The Point: You have a choice as a leader… To micro or macro manage (i.e., lead) your stakeholders. But here's the leadership challenge: In order to achieve “Super Boss” status, what’s the proper way then? In this post we’ll take a look at how being a hands-on leader is by far and away the best approach to leading along with four tips for success… … [Read more...]

Sales / Business Development Driver!

Is your Sales Leadership coaching their salespeople to a higher level of sales execution, or are they coming in at a percentage of their potential? Our research shows that salespeople that receive targeted coaching achieve 108% of their goal. Salespeople receiving no coaching achieve 42% and bad coaching 45% of goal attainment. Tip of the Spear’s … [Read more...]

Is He Keeping You Up at Night?

At Tip of the Spear, we see all types of Leaders from the Fortune 500, INC500, Deloitte Tech Fast 500, and beyond enter into our leadership development executive coaching programs. Sometimes they come because they are looking to increase their percentagel of potential achieved... Other times they come because he is keeping them up at night (a … [Read more...]

Now Investing in Innovative Offerings

Tip of the Spear Ventures is a Venture Capital & Private Equity firm that looks for investments in disruptive innovative offerings from startups in the following areas: Consumer Products IT software, IT services, and IT infrastructure Music Real Estate Retail We look for innovative offerings of proven methodology with … [Read more...]

The Inc 500 | 5000 Advisory Services Firm of Choice!

At Tip of the Spear, we are the Inc 500 | 5000 Advisory Services Firm of Choice! We partner with leaders from the Inc 500 | 5000 who are challenged by stagnant business plateaus, and/or achieving their full potential (i.e., They are achieving Point "A" results, however the higher potential at Point "B" should be achieved). [countdown] After … [Read more...]