Are You a Leader Like Mars, Roman God of War? 5 Tips!

The Point: What if you thought “bigger” than you typically do? I mean, when you tend to aim are you aiming high or too low? If you’re like most of the leaders I work with, you are aiming too low (That might be one of the reasons we’re talking, right?) In this post, we’ll take a look at aiming super high as a leader… So high that you would be considered a leadership God for all to worship! Sounds pretty good right, so read on and identify how you can put the 5 Tips into play for yourself… Enjoy!

Are You Leading at the Tip of the Spear?

I’m a Good Leader!

So you think you’re a “good” leader? What makes you come to that conclusion? Is it because you went to the best schools (So you’re book smart)? Is it possibly because of the results you’ve been able to accomplish in your career (So practical experience)? Perhaps it’s a combination of both schooling in-classroom and mean-streets?

Regardless of where you are on your leadership journey (and it is a definite journey), you probably recognize that the learning is not now or never finished. With changes in economic, market, and employee conditions you’ll have to stay on your tippy-toes if you want to succeed. But just how good a leader are you?

I Want to be Like Mars (Sorry Mike!)

Leaders that I work with in a leadership development and/or executive coaching capacity typically have me as them “If you could be any leader, who would you be?” The natural series of follow up questions includes identifying what is it about that leader that you’d like to emulate and why. So here’s my leader of choice: Mars (The Roman God).

Here are a few of Mars’ Resume Highlights:

  • God of War
  • One of the Most Prominent and Worshipped Gods
  • God of Spring, Growth in Nature, and Fertility
  • Son of Jupiter and Juno
  • Father of Romulus and Remus
  • Romans Style Themselves ‘Sons of Mars’
  • The Male Symbol is Named After Him Representing His Spear/Shield
  • The Month of March is Named After Him

5 Tips to be a Leadership God Like Mars

I’ve done my fair share of research on Mars and here are 5 tips to be a better leader (perhaps God-like if you will):

Tip #5: Destroy everything in your path between where you are now and the goal you want.

Tip #4: Never be without your tools of the trade (For Mars these were his spear and shield).

Tip #3: If you lead others by rolling up your sleeves others will follow you… Consider this leading at the tip of the spear!

Tip #2: There is no place like home, so expand your empire!

Tip #1: Find your true love and your strategic purpose will reveal itself (For Mars it was Venus… Yes, that Venus!)


In this post we’ve looked at Mars, Roman God of War and provided five tips to help you lead like him. You want to be the best leader possible, you’re going to have to aim higher, think bigger, and act. Now that you know a little about Mars, what’s stopping you?


Sam Palazzolo

About Sam Palazzolo, Managing Director

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