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Helping dynamic leaders and their organizations improve efficiencies, manage initiatives & achieve results!


Advisory Services - Tip of the Spear Ventures

In today’s business climate, leaders and their organizations are facing uncertain financial markets, increasing global competition, evolving government regulation, disruptive business models and innovative technologies. At Tip of the Spear Ventures’ Advisory Services, we believe that you as the leader and your organization can either choose to adapt faster to these changes than your competition (known and unknown), or get passed by! Our INC 500 | INC 5000 client-base is known for their start-up spirit, looking to unlock their potential for growth both individually as well as organizationally.

Specifically, our business advisory services focus on just three areas:

  • Executive Coaching (through our Centered Executive Coaching methodology)
  • Leadership Development (Leveraging Kouzes & Posner’s “Leadership Challenge” methodology)
  • Communication Skills Training for Leaders (With our ASTD recognized “Communicate with Influence” series)

With just these three targeted advisory services focal points (Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Communication Skills Training for Leaders), Tip of the Spear Ventures’ Advisory Services are capable of helping the INC 500 | INC 5000’s dynamic companies (or those looking to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit) improve efficiencies, better manage initiatives and achieve better business results. Tip of the Spear Ventures’ Advisory Services act as solutions that support the growing needs of these organizations across their growth lifecycle, helping build solid foundations for exponential growth, overcoming the many individual/organizational barriers to growth faced day in and day out, and create, protect, and restore organizational value.

We help identify opportunities today and tomorrow, execute personal and organizational growth strategies, manage ever-present risk, improve operational performance and better leverage technology.

To learn more about Tip of the Spear Ventures’ Advisory Services, visit Centered Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Communicate with Influence, or contact us for a Centered Executive Coaching Services brochure.

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